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Terms & Conditions

Auto Transport Team Terms & Conditions

These terms shall supersede any other communications between shipper and Auto Transport Team, LLC.
1. You are the owner or an authorized agent of the owner to make arrangements for shipping the vehicle ('s). Will be referred to as the “Shipper.”

2. Auto Transport Team, LLC. will arrange transportation on a carrier for specified pick up and drop off locations on behalf of the Shipper. This is the extent of the agreement that Auto Transport Team, LLC. has with the shipper.

3. No delivery time is guaranteed. All times and dates are estimates only. Auto Transport Team, LLC. or any of its carriers do not agree to transport shipment in time for any particular market or event and will not be responsible for any fees or damages occasioned by any delay. There are absolutely no guarantees made, expressed, or implied, regarding delivery time or dates.

4. No auto rental will be honored for delays, damages, or accidents. No reimbursement for any other costs resulting from delays, damages, accidents, acts of God or other will be honored. No exceptions.

5. Personal belongings are not allowed to be in the vehicle. Carrier or Auto Transport Team, LLC. is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal belongings, items or "personal property" left in the vehicle. This includes loss or damage to stereo equipment, and to any non-stock items in or attached to the vehicle, nor will the carrier or Auto Transport Team, LLC. be responsible for any damage caused by any said items in the vehicle.

6. Shipper is responsible for supplying the carrier with all necessary keys for operations and to all compartments of the vehicle. The shipper is responsible to disarm any active alarm / security system prior to shipping. In the event the carrier does not have access to a compartment that has been requested opened by any Law Enforcement Entity, Auto Transport Team, LLC. or the Carrier will not be liable for any damages, financial or physical, that result.

7. Auto Transport Team, LLC. reserves the right to choose any Carrier to move the vehicle. When a Carrier is "Brokered" the freight, the Carrier is fully responsible for the vehicle and their legal responsibilities to be a carrier. Auto Transport Team, LLC. will not be responsible for any damages or losses. Auto Transport Team, LLC. will not be responsible for any deductibles due for any claims. Auto Transport Team, LLC. will not be an agent for damages, losses, or any claims. Auto Transport Team, LLC. will only assist in providing the shipper with any information that Auto Transport Team, LLC. have collected prior to "brokering" the freight to the Carrier.

8. All transportation orders payments / deposits due in full prior to vehicles being dispatched to carriers. Balance due at delivery is to be paid to the carrier by means of cash or certified funds.

9. Shipper shall pay all cost, including storage, and additional delivery costs, incurred as a result of shipper’s breach of any obligation under this agreement, including inability to provide sufficient funds due, and inability to be present for accepting vehicle. Shipper or its agent agrees to meet the transporter’s driver / carrier any specified time and place.

10. Shipper must have the vehicle ready and available to be picked up once the vehicle is dispatched to carrier. In the event the vehicle is not ready when the carrier or its drivers arrives or contacts the shipper for pick up, your deposit will be forfeited and an additional charge for the "Dry run" will be assessed at a minimum of $100 and not to exceed more than 50% of the original total cost of the transport. This must be paid prior to rescheduling another carrier/driver.

11. Shipper shall pay an additional fee to be determined by the carrier for each inoperable vehicle. If vehicle is rendered for shipment and later becomes non-operational, the fee will be assessed, as well as any other charges incurred to accomplish delivery, including, but not limited to Wreckers, Forklifts, Roll-back’s, etc.

12. Nothing in the agreement binds carrier to pick up and/or deliver to locations from which it is impractical to operate Carrier’s equipment because of inadequacies of highway, street, or passageways for loading or unloading facilities, local, state or federal law.

13. Carrier or Auto Transport Team, LLC. shall not be liable for any of the following:
a. Damage caused by leaking fluids, battery acids, cooling system and anti-freeze solution, industrial fallout or damage caused by acts of God or force majored
b. Hidden damage or damage that is undetectable at time of pickup due to vehicles dirty condition, or weather-related condition.
c. Any glass damage
d. Mechanical or electrical functions and damage caused by failing mechanics, electrical demise, alignment or suspension, exhaust assembly, any exhaust system, muffler, or tail pipes. No exceptions
e. Under carriage damage, and damage resulting from overloaded or lowered vehicles.
f. Shipper is responsible for preparing vehicle for shipment. Securing loose parts examples, mufflers or tail pipes, spoilers, non-stock kit additions, antennas, switches, camper shells, and bed liners. Any part that falls off during transport is the customer’s/ shipper’s responsibility, as are leaking fluids, including damages caused by said parts or fluids to any and all other vehicles involved. It is the customer’s/ shipper’s responsibility to notify the Carrier of any and all fluid leaks
g. Damages to vehicle caused by a vehicle that cannot be driven on or off transport truck under its own power and/or having defective or insufficient brake, parking brake, or parking gear.
h. Damage caused by freezing of engine, or cooling system or batteries
i. Damage caused to vehicle from tie downs breaking or tearing
j. Any convertible tops that are loose, torn, or show extensive wear. Bras, and/or any type of canvas or material coverings.
k. The customer agrees that their vehicle is insured and their insurance has primary responsibility.

14. Shipper agrees and understands that carrier will route vehicles from origin to destination by routes within their own discretion and does not agree to any specified routing by shipper.

15. Auto Transport Team, LLC. does not agree to assign/dispatch any particular motor carrier.

16. In the event the carrier attempts to phone client to make arrangements to deliver vehicle(s) to Client or Clients agent and Client or Clients agent cannot be reached in a reasonable time frame, vehicle(s) will be dropped off at the nearest terminal, at the discretion of the carrier. All storage, COD, terminal fees and any extra trucking charges, if any will be due and payable to the carrier in either cash or cashier’s check before vehicle(s) is released by terminal. Carrier will call client or agent 3 to 24 hours prior to pick up or delivery so the carrier can compute all COD charges In the event a truck is assigned to pick up your vehicle(s) and your vehicle(s) are not released due to non- payment of vehicle(s) $75 will be added to the price of your load to reschedule your pick up date and requires a pre- paid deposit.

17. Once order is placed no changes to pick and drop locations are valid. We will have to cancel the current order, re-quote for new locations. Even locations close in proximity, can change prices and routes. New order will be placed and deposit required for new delivery locations.


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