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Nationwide Car Shipping


Shipping a car can seem stressful. At Auto Transport Team, we have built our service upon the premise that better communication delivers happier customers. From the moment you pick up the phone to call us to the moment your car arrives at your new location, we will give you honest and accurate communication.

Is this your first time shipping a car? No Problem! Our team will explain what to expect and how it works. You’ll never have to wonder or guess what happens next. We will answer any questions you have along the way.

Services Available

  • Open Carrier
  • Enclosed Carrier
  • Door to Door Service
  • Expedited Delivery

Relocation Services

Auto Transport Team works with you to relocate permanently or temporarily for many reasons:

  • Work opportunites
  • Family obligations
  • College
  • Vacations
  • Summer Home
  • Winter Home
  • Sporting Events

Online Vehicle Purchase

Every week, we ship vehicles across the country for online purchases. These are typically bought from the online or internet department of dealerships. We are happy to coordinate with that dealer for pick up and with you for delivery.

Are You A Dealer Buying Nationally?

Great! We help dealers of all sizes ship their inventory every year. We are more than happy to help you move vehicles no matter how far they are from your dealership. You choose the cars and trucks you want, and we will coordinate the rest so you can go back to running your dealership.

We are able to secure better pricing and faster delivery if you ship 7-10 vehicles at a time.

Nationwide Event Logistics

Auto Transport Team goes above and beyond to manage vehicle shipments for national tours. If you are looking for dependable service to handle your vehicle shipments from city to city or state to state, give us a call!

We can work with you to have the vehicles arrive prior to your event dates. We can place staff on site at each location to monitor the loading, unloading, and reloading of vehicles.

A Few Things To Know When Shipping Nationwide


Your shipment may be scheduled up to three weeks from the time you place your order.

Personal Items

Please remove all personal belongings from your vehicle before shipment. Your car must be completely empty to be moved.


Please leave 1/4 tank of gas in your vehicle for movements, but do not fill your gas tank up.

Plan Ahead

The more lead time we have when scheduling your shipment, the more cost effective and flexible we can be.


While most shipments will carry on regardless of weather, you can always check weather along the route to watch for anything that could cause delays.

Unexpected Delays

Even with the best maintenance in the industry, our trucks occasionally experience mechanical problems. We will do our best to send another truck to continue the shipment, or we will contact you about rescheduling your delivery if necessary.


A complete list of vehicles we ship.