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How long does it take to load my car once I schedule my shipment?

We give you an accurate time frame for loading based on other shipments in your area and any extraneous factors. We can provide a more cost effective move with advance notice and flexibility.

How long does it take to move my car?

Each move is different, but we have some general guidelines below:

• Local Moves - 1-2 Days
• Close Interstate Moves - 3-4 Days
• Cross-Country Moves - 10-14 Days

It is important to remember that shipment times vary depending on weather, loading and unloading conditions, unexpected mechanical failures, and Acts of God. We are also held to regulatory standards which limit the maximum weight of shipments and the total drive time per day for our drivers. We build in sufficient time for our delivery estimates, if there is a delay we will contact you to make new arrangements.

Please note: It is best for you to arrive 1-2 days ahead of your delivery schedule to take possession of your vehicle when it arrives

Can I pack my car with personal items?

While this may seem like a convenient option, Federal Law prohibits us from shipping personal items in your vehicle. Your vehicle must be completely empty before we can load it onto the truck. If your car has not been emptied, it may cause unnecessary loading delays. We are not responsible for any items left in your vehicle during transport.

How much fuel should I put in my car?

Do not fill up your tank before shipping your car. We ask all customers to leave approximately 1/4 tank of fuel in the vehicle. This facilitates loading and unloading, while minimizing the total weight of the shipment.

Do I need to be present for pickup and delivery?

If you are shipping the vehicle to your new home or location, you must be present for both pickup and delivery. If you are selling the vehicle, the other party must be present to accept delivery.

A legal adult must be present for any pickup or delivery to take place.

Is my vehicle insured during shipment?

Auto Transport Team carries cargo insurance in case of any unexpected damage. We recommend that you maintain your regular auto insurance policy throughout the shipping process.


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